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Roundup, the most used herbicide in the entire world, may be setting up for a fall. The European Commission has decided to put it on a year and a half hiatus before deciding to eliminate its use once and for all. The big controversy seems to lie in whether to use the studies done by independent scientists or resort to believing studies done by Monsanto, who claims there are no hazards. However, for the first time governments (not ours, but many others) are standing up to Monsanto.

Things really took off in March of 2015 when the World Health Organization made the explosive announcement that Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, probably causes cancer. The prestigious International Agency Research on Cancer, which has a reputation for rigorous and impartial research, reported from their research that Roundup is probably cancer-causing. A very public outcry resulted which has been steadily dismantling the false image that Monsanto has published, which claimed that this pesticide is safe. In 2012, the Seralini study also found that in the long term effects of glyphosate ingestion from food and water, caused not only cancer to grow rapidly in rats, but also revealed a wide and alarming array of other ill effects involving major organs like the kidneys, liver, and endocrine glands. It also damages delicate placental cells.

The primary response of the public after being informed of these two studies has been to renew interest in the real world impact of this pesticide. Its widespread use has been under scrutiny by many governments (not ours), and the tide appears to be turning against this corporate monster. For students of pesticide industry mores there are clear signs that there is erosion in the edifice that Monsanto has built, signs which are more easily recognized because of the historical model provided by the tobacco companies.

It has been one of my wishes to see this company come down before I die. Not only are they knowingly providing a dangerous chemical and falsely advertising Roundup, but they are using nefarious means to force small and uneducated farmers around the world to buy and use GMO seeds which are impervious to Roundup. Roundup is found in almost all the water sources in the world. Even organic farming is not immune if the farmers use commercial water sources. And children around the world who have been born in the past couple of decades have been exposed to more of this chemical than any other generation. Monsanto will not go down easily though and we must be diligent in staying informed and informing others of this pesticide and others created by Monsanto, DuPont, and Bayer. These corporate giants have a lot of pull with the Federal government and will do anything to maintain their bottom line.


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