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BY Mary Anne Trevey

People either love or hate the holidays, but no matter how you feel it is hard to escape some of the magic that encompasses this time of the year. Maybe itís childhood memories or the excitement of get-togethers, maybe itís the wonder in the eyes of children or the delicious victualís that present on festively decorated tables. Sure, there is stress but, even so, we usually all dive head-on into the season complaining or laughing all the way.

Mariposa loves the holidays because of the excitement of FOOD and the fun that accompanies getting ready for Americaís biggest holiday. Our gift department is bulging with eclectic decorations, delightful woolens, artistic and practical socks, lovely candles with scents of the season, childrenís toys, a plethora of jewelry items, kitchen gadgets, dishes and water bottles. We try to find affordable but classy clothing items to tempt you as well.

Then thereís the food. Mariposa has house-made pumpkin pies, our very own hand-crafted truffles, beef and pork, and turkeys, oh my. The produce department has every fruit and vegetable you may need for the perfect spread. You will be delighted to see the citrus of many varieties start to appear on the stands, along with pomegranates and persimmons for your holiday enjoyment. Our chill department has new hummus, local, and not so local, cheeses (try the Cabot Hot Habanero or Seriously Sharp for example), festive holiday goat cheese logs, aged Liecesters from Belton Farms, and Brie en Croute all ready to bake. Straus egg-nog is organic and fabulously delicious.

Now for the giving part of the holidays. Our environment seriously needs benefactors. The NRDC and Environment California are two of my personal favorites. For world service Doctors Without Borders just received the highest recommendation from Week Magazine for their outstanding work in the poorest and most war-torn areas of the planet with 95% of the donations they receive going into their actual work (only 5% for administration). And, of course, on a local level our public radio station (KZYX) and The Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County always need our help to survive.

Mariposa will be closed on Christmas Day and also on New Yearís Day. Christmas Eve we will be open until 5p.m. WE will be open regular hours on December 26th. New Yearís Eve will also be a day with regular hours.

No matter your inclination, try to be grateful for all the blessings that are yours for the taking here in Northern California: our temperate climate, our wonderful community, our beautiful landscapes, and our waterways, the ocean with its wild winter waves, clean air, our families and friends. If you are not into presents, give of yourselves and volunteer your time to the many worthwhile charities. And give yourself something too. All of us here at Mariposa Market wish all of you the happiest of holidays and a New Year with relief from chaos and full of the joy of being alive.


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