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Mariposa Market
500 South Main Street
Willits, CA 95490
   Store Hours
9 AM to 7 PM
9 AM to 6 PM Saturday
11 AM to 5:30 PM Sunday

 Deli Hours
9 AM to 5 PM
11 AM to 4 PM


BY Mary Anne

On August 29, 1979 our market was born under the name of Mariposa Produce. My husband and brother and I scraped together  $1500.00 to buy Sanderson’s Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from a Laytonville couple who operated a fruit stand next to the old feed store where Energize Willits and Unique Boutique are now located. We put all the fruit onto our ping- pong table (the former owners had everything on pallets)  and the vegetables in our old 50’s- style produce cooler with cold storage underneath, an item that came with our purchase. We were quite proud of our cooler and kept it in service until we moved to our new store at 500 S. Main.  None of us had ever owned a business, plus we had a minimum of capital. But we did have creative ideas and the energy of youth on our side so we just got to work. To say the market was an instant success would be an outright lie. However, circumstances were on our side. The co-op that existed down the street was struggling and the Happy Belly Health Food store went out of business, creating an opening for us to expand. Gradually, as money would allow, we added in bulk foods, and then a dairy cooler. Within a few years, we had a small, funky natural foods store. Our early years were a real challenge. There was no heat in our building so we had a very down-home wood stove which morphed into a kerosene heater. The store was open-air during the day so the afternoon breeze and a fair amount of dust blew through, making it barely tolerable to work with the western sun blasting in. Twice a week the guys drove to Santa Rosa to a market that supplied us with fresh fruits and vegetables. The owner of this market took us under his wing and taught us about the world of produce.  We often solicited local fruit from neighbors around town though our travels to find local produce took us south past Ukiah and east to Winters. In many ways it was an exciting time for us young entrepreneurs. And, the business was slowly making money. My brother dropped out and my husband became a plumbing contractor, leaving me to man the ship.  Eventually, our landlord asked us to leave as he wanted to remodel the whole complex in which we were renting. We found a location across the street which had been recently vacated and remodeled. There were big windows in front, heat and air conditioning, and tons of space which we believed we would never fill. Within months we were busy beyond our wildest expectations. We added in a whole bank of coolers and freezers and accumulated a brigade of employees. During the 13 years we were at “600” we went from plenty of space to being tightly squeezed into a building that we had outgrown. Sometimes, lines of customers stretched down the row of coolers to the back door. It was amazing. In 2008 we became incorporated and changed our name officially to Mariposa Natural Foods. At this same time, the hand of fate gave us new situation at 500 S. Main, which is our present location. Building our new store was like a dream come true. Now there was the capital and the space to create a store that provides almost everything in natural foods our community wanted.  Our café is known for its excellent organic fare which just seems to get better and better. And our produce has caught the attention of shoppers throughout the whole county and beyond. So Happy Birthday Mariposa Market; we are all so glad you’re here!


isit our Mariposa Market Coffee Bar and Deli where you can enjoy a variety of treats to make your day happier & healthier. 

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