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BY Mary Anne
By the time of this printing, we will have kissed 2016 good-bye and embarked on a new year. 2016 was a challenging and exciting year, and in many ways, I for one, am glad it’s over. Of course, we can only imagine what awaits us in 2017 and perhaps it’s better not to dwell on the possibilities. After all, it is often very different than we think.
Mariposa has been experiencing its own growing pains. But, we finally finished our kitchen, complete with a certified kitchen in which we can cook anything we please. Finding the time is another challenge. However, we can offer more “grab and go” meals for our busy clientele including baked organic chickens, mashed potatoes and gluten-free gravy. For Thanksgiving we were able to make our own pumpkin pies, including a gluten-free option. They were a hit and sold out immediately.
Our gift department has expanded to one of the “go-to” areas of our store with many interesting gift options to titillate your desire to shop. Our aim is to make Mariposa a ”one-stop” place to shop so if you or your child needs a birthday present you don’t have to go somewhere else. Unfortunately, Dena the gift buyer, is moving onto greener fields. Nan and Camille Stuart will carry on. Communicate with them if you have needs or ideas.
In produce, we are in the time of citrus. Every week new types of tangerines or other citrus comes into season, making this a most interesting time, when many other fruits are not available. Avocados from Mexico still dominate but they are unusually good this year.  Early Bacon and Fuerte avos from California are arriving with Hass soon to follow in January. . It is not expected to be an especially good year as crop production is down due to drought and disease. Other seasonal favorites like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and chard are in good production. Brussels Sprouts are in shorter supply and higher pricing. It’s winter. There’s not a lot out there.
Mariposa Market wishes to take the time to bestow blessings and good cheer on each of our customers. Remember to never lose hope no matter how bleak things may get, and to stay grateful for all we have here in Mendocino County, like clean air, nature, and good community. Plus we live in California. Yay California! Happy 2017. Good health and good cheer!


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