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When we go to a restaurant that serves California Cuisine, we may have some idea of what to expect. Or perhaps we have no idea. This type of cuisine was originally started by such creative chefs as Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck. Essentially, it replicates the incredible variety of California’s agriculture, the seafood from our ocean, the many microclimates, and the ethnic diversity that makes our state unique. Mexicans, Italians, and Asians have moved to our state in mass, influencing many aspects of our culture, but primarily our diets. Fusian cooking, which combines ingredients from a variety of ethnicities is an integral part of this cuisine. As well, Californians, in general, have a tremendous appreciation for food artisans, farmer’s markets, and organic farming.

California chefs use hundreds of ingredients from Chinese soy sauce and Indian curry spices to Italian cheeses and Mexican tortillas. Still, certain ingredients manage to stand out as uniquely Californian. Home cooks and restaurant chefs revere them. Tourists often fall in love with them. They are the state’s major food products and the highlights of many dishes. Artichokes are one of these famed vegetables. They appear in a whole array of dishes. California produces virtually all of the nation’s artichokes, half of which are consumed by Californians themselves. Standing neck and neck with artichokes are avocados. Californians love their avocados dearly. Orchards abound between San Luis Obispo and the Mexican border, where over 90% of the nation’s avocados are harvested. Avocados from our state are, without a doubt, the tastiest. Putting an avocado on a sandwich is a “California thing”. And guacamole is so popular that there are scores of recipes for this dip. Another California specialty is dry jack cheese. It originated when an Italian cheesemaker in San Francisco put aside a block of Monterey Jack cheese cheese in storage and then forgot about it. It was during World War II and cheese from Italy became hard to come by. After several years, the cheesemaker remembered his stored cheese. He was elated to find that it had aged beautifully to golden perfection. Nowadays, this nutty and sweetish aged cheese has become a California twist on many salads. California is also famous for its Dungeness crab which comes to us with fat claws and firm snowy meat. Year after year California restaurants in the Bay Area have impressively seduced their diners with sumptuous dishes of cracked crab paired with crisp domestic wine. Many home chefs love to boil them with white wine and herbs. And foodies are very fond of crab cakes. One cheese that has California written all over it is goat cheese. It was an unfamiliar item until Laura Chenel, a cheese artisan, brought her Taupiniere to Chez Panisse restaurant. In the beginning the restaurant ordered 20 lbs. per week but as the demand quickly arose, it went up to 100 lbs. per week. The goat cheese craze has taken over California, and dishes such as baked goat cheese, goat cheese salad, stuffed figs with goat cheese and goat cheese tartlets are signature parts of California dining. Roasted garlic is yet another California mainstay. There is no doubt that garlic is an important crop in this state. Alice Waters made roasted garlic into a fad, as roasting softened the garlic into a creamy consistency which made it spreadable on crackers or meats. Sourdough bread did not have its origins in California but it became popular during the Gold Rush. Though other states produce this bread, the most well- known variety comes from San Francisco. In fact, the lactobacillus in sourdough starters, Lactobacillus Sanfrancisensis, was named after this city as ultimate proof of its prominence. And finally, sundried tomatoes became so popular for a while that some chefs felt they were overused in local cuisine. Originally from Sicily, the dried tomatoes became a perfect way to preserve tomatoes at the end of the harvest season, especially in California’s hot dry climate.

In conclusion, we cannot have a discussion about California cuisine without mentioning our outstanding wines, which are easily on par with fine French and Italian vintages. Californian is really an outstanding state in which to eat and drink.

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