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Mariposa Market
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By Mary Anne
Isn’t it funny how much we agonized over the doom of drought last year, only to fall into a quiet dreariness as the rain persisted this winter? Trees have fallen, floods have transformed our city streets, and yet, here we are: at the cusp of an awe-inspiring time, the start of spring. We’ve glimpsed fleeting moments of sunshine in recent weeks. Maybe your family has even been able to spend an afternoon thankfully basking in the warmth of spring-like weather once or twice. Believe it or not, there will be warmer days ahead.

As much as your family is eager for the shift in scenery, Mariposa’s team is making plans in excited anticipation as well. Since we know supporting our local ecosystem is important to you, we’re hoping to share more beautiful local produce with shoppers in the coming weeks. We’ve also been busy sprouting plans for our annual Earth Day Soiree in April - don’t miss it! Speaking of sprouts, spring starts have been ordered for your vegetable garden and will be available in April as well.

Lastly, our team is proudly preparing for our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers - with a loyalty card.
Mariposa Market is working on a project to initiate a Customer Loyalty Card for our shoppers. We hope to have this perk ready for shoppers durin March or April. During March will be devoted to gathering the information from those that would like to participate. Any information we gather will be used solely for tracking your rewards as a shopper, and always confidential - never sold or passed out to any other entities. Our team will collect your email address, phone number, and physical address when you first sign up so that our checkers can look up your account each time you shop with us. As a participant of our Customer Loyalty Card, customers receive points for each purchase made. After a certain dollar amount is reached, you will be able to redeem your points as a credit toward your groceries. 

Visit our Mariposa Market Coffee Bar and Deli where you can enjoy a variety of treats to make your day happier & healthier.



Mariposa Market has an extensive Wine and Beer selection to enhance your table.

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