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By Mary Anne


Welcome to 2016! Our staff at Mariposa Market wishes you health and prosperity for the coming year. As we enter into the New Year, we have the perfect opportunity to choose the lifestyle that will best enhance our chances for a healthier body. Studies have shown that as we age our immune system weakens. Part of this is due to the fact that we produce less lymphocytes, the specialized cells that help destroy invaders. As a result, we become more prone to infections and slower to heal. There is no single remedy that has been proven to actually strengthen our immune systems. But, a healthy lifestyle is purported to be the best line of defense against the barrage of germs and diseases lurking around us. You’ve heard it all before but here are your most reliable options:

1.      Eat smart; diets low in vitamins A, C, D, and many B vitamins as well as iron and selenium set us up for poor health. These nutrients boost our white cell count, the first line of defense against disease. Diets rich in many varieties and colors are best, with a focus on vegetables, fruits, and grains.

2.      Consume alcohol only in moderation. Although a small amount of alcohol can support the immune system, alcohol in too great a volume can turn off genes that help defend us against microbes and turn on genes that make us more vulnerable to illness.

3.      Supplementing Vitamin D has been shown to be valuable against disease prevention, especially because our Vitamin D production slows as we age.

4.      Do not over supplement. Taking some supplements can actually impair our ability to defend against disease and taking large amounts of any supplement are almost always contraindicated. Eating well is a much better way to support and nourish our immune systems.

5.      Get plenty of sleep, at least 7-8 hours. Anything less makes the body more vulnerable.

6.      Exercise, at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days per week. But don’t overdo it. Intense exercise can suppress immunity.

7.      Stop smoking. No more need to be said.

8.      Cultivate “WOW” moments. People who experience “awe” frequently have lower levels of pro-inflammatory proteins.

9.      Indulge in massage. It increases the production of white blood cells.

10.   Nurture friendships.

11.   Ease stress: meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi are all good stress relievers.

12.   Get outside; being outside in nature allows the immune system to rest and recharge.

13.   And wash your hands, one of the very best lines of defense.

Mariposa Market is committed to providing you with the kind of foods you need to support a healthy lifestyle. Our produce department is a natural pharmacy of health. This time of year the citrus crop is really coming on. Mandarins, navel oranges, lemons, and all types of tangerines and tangelos are in season now. Avocados are still coming from Mexico, but it won’t be long before those wonderful little globes of goodness will be arriving from Southern California. By February, the first of the strawberries might arrive. Get ready to give your health a much needed boost.


You may have noticed the price of produce has been high at times. We really are not raising our mark-up. The weather, the drought, and the higher demand for organic produce have all played roles in altering produce prices. Many crops have failed or nearly failed. Many farmers had to fallow their fields, creating a short supply of some foods. Quality of nuts is down due to dry weather. All these factors lead to higher prices at the store. Be prepared for more of the same as global weather changes affect the market. Try to shop from local farmers if you can. And, stay hopeful.


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