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Mariposa Market
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No sooner have the witch?s hats and ghoulish hands been stored away in their plastic graves than the winter holidays are upon us. It?s easy to be cynical in these times of over-commercialization but it takes a special kind of detachment not to be moved by the warmth and joy of this season. Friends and family, food and drink, pine-scented fires and fir boughs drooping with berries and ornaments all lend spice to this season that, arguably, is the most special of the American holidays.

As October rolls into November we start to think and talk turkey. As in years past we do have sign- up sheets for organic turkeys, Non-GMO turkeys, and specialty items like duck, geese, and Cornish game hens. The ordering of ?birds? takes place at the long table in the Deli. We recommend that you sign up or call in as early as possible to assure that you will get the type of bird that you want. The produce department will be in full swing, rounding out your Thanksgiving-time table with yams, potatoes, winter squash, pumpkins and chestnuts. We will have lots of apples and pears for pies, sauces, and crisps. Pomegranates and persimmons are in and the first Satsuma Mandarins should be in this week. And, you will be able to order pies and various bread and rolls for those of you without the baking inclination.

The Christmas season will follow too closely, as always, on the heels of Thanksgiving, giving up little breathing room between the two holidays. Our gift department is ready ?big time? to help you along with your shopping pleasure. Make sure you take a tour through this department in the next few weeks to ascertain all the eclectic items we have at very reasonable prices. We will also have turkeys, hams, and prime rib (by special order only) for your Holiday/ Christmas meals.

Avocados are in short supply for a couple of weeks while farmers in Mexico settle their strike. The crop has been limited, at best, this summer making the strike a set-back for consumers.

Early rains have cleared the air of dust and brought on the onset of Autumn. Creeks are running and the smell in the air is like heaven. If it wasn?t for the sordid election time, these weeks would seem nearly perfect. The harvests are in; a sense of relief is in the air. We have to try to remember how blessed we are to live in a town like Willits, where citizens mostly get along and can come together to solve problems and help those in need. Almost all of us have roofs over our heads, decent food and water, a running automobile, and friends and family. We have a bed to sleep in and our roads are not full of land mines or our cities patrolled by thugs. We all have much to be thankful for and we need to try to remember to acknowledge gratitude whenever possible. And since we have so much, this is a great time of year to lend a hand either financially or bodily to those in need. May you all have the happiest of holidays and enter the New Year with a determination to be a better citizen of this world.  

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Mariposa Market has an extensive Wine and Beer selection to enhance your table.

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