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Compensating for aching muscles, stretched and torqued by springtime projects, we make our way towards summer. Before we know it, the produce department will say farewell to winter fare and welcome in the summer fruits. Already we have early California peaches, and melons from Mexico which will only improve as the days lengthen. Come May and June more peaches will arrive on the scene, as well as California grapes, nectarines, apricots, raspberries, and cherries. The strawberry season has been a little disappointing this year with prices high and quality not always at its best. This could change as the weather dries and production may accelerate. Try the Formosa papaya from Mexico if you have not already. It is superb and very different in flavor from the Hawaiian variety which we usually see. Blueberries have been all over the map, sometimes hard to come by, but the Driscoll berries are getting top marks for flavor.

Potatoes are scarce until the new crop is dug, and carrots have been hard to come by again, as problems in the field and huge demand have caused the harvests to be inadequate. Hopefully, this will improve as summer approaches. On the up side, the sugar snap peas have been lush, the greens beautiful and the broccoli and cauliflower springtime delicious. Notice that citrus such as cara caras, navels, and tangerines will be fading out. Valencia oranges get our full attention in the summer months. Limes replace lemons as the cheaper option. Apples and pears will continue to come from South America until July when our season starts. Your best bet for tomato flavor is still the red grape style tomato from Mexico. California avocados are at their peak and outstandingly delicious. And, those micro-greens make a unique and sprightly addition to your salad. Get your final fill of asparagus; the seasonís end is in sight.


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