Our Produce section changes with every season.  New produce items are on the shelves on a regular basis!

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Mariposa Market
500 South Main Street
Willits, CA 95490
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After months of desert-like dryness Northern California is finally getting some much needed moisture. Though not drought-ending in volume, the rainfall has been substantial enough to promise us a spring season of green grasses and wildflowers. Just a few short weeks ago that scenario looked pretty bleak. In all my 35 years here in Willits, I have never heard so many people delight in the falling of rain. A young lady at the Farm Supply told me yesterday “I hope it keeps raining until it floods, I don’t care. “

Even though the rain up here promises us some relief, the farmers in the Central Valley are devastated by the news that the Federal government is cutting off all water for farms this spring and summer. Many fields are fallow as it is. Hardest hit are tree crops and tomatoes which are big business in California. Expect produce prices to soar in the summer months and availability to be compromised. We may have to depend on Mexico for some summer fruits and vegetables.

At the moment though, the produce department is looking GOOD. Although the citrus crop was damaged by hard frosts in December, we have had a fair amount of delicious mandarins, Minneola tangelos and Cara Cara navels. The main navel crop suffered pretty severe frost damage which has resulted in fruit which tends to be dry and pulls away from the peel. At the present there are some sweet and juicy Navel oranges from Las Palmalitas and Sespe but the season is almost over and Valencias of good quality are starting this week. The Gold Nugget Tangerines have been really delicious. Don’t let their” less than beautiful” exterior put you off. Seedless too!

California Avocados are in season now. The quality is always refreshing after several months of Mexican fruits which do not quite come up to the standards of the California Hass. There are also some delicious Fuerte avocados, which are so creamy and succulent but do not have the holding quality of the Hass. Still, they are well worth a try at this time of year.  Spread on a cracker they are just the best!

Early springs means asparagus and strawberries. These two edibles signal the end of the winter doldrums of potatoes, root vegetables and hard squash. There is nothing quite as luscious as the first sweet strawberries and the grassy crunch of fresh asparagus. Broccoli Romanesco and Brussel Sprouts, two popular vegetables which are often scarce, have been in exceptional supply this year as well. EAT YOUR GREENS!!!

Mariposa is still working diligently to reduce our water use. We were able to cut back almost 20% on our water in the past couple of months. The consciousness that we are trying to foster will hopefully carry over into the drier months and maybe become a permanent awareness. They say it takes only 30 days to change a habit. We want to do our part to keep water conservation at the top of our priorities.

Our new addition is finished and we are glorying in the luxury of SPACE! New offices and an enlarged break room mean we are no longer sitting on each other’s laps or jockeying for computer use. The new kitchen is a thing of beauty and we hope to do a better job of supplying the public with our delicious food.

 Once again I would like to address our pricing policy at Mariposa Market. In the last twenty years we have never increased our price margin. We do our best to have the fairest prices we can while still giving a living wage to our employees and keeping the store clean and safe. A grocery store of this size doesn’t have the buying power to compete with larger stores drawing from larger populations.  We will never be able to compete with Trader Joe’s or Costco or sometimes even Ukiah Natural Foods. What we do is provide you with the best food we possibly can, and give you the best price we can within our buying power. Not many other stores offer a senior discount. Every month we offer sales with significant savings on popular items throughout the store. We also take the time to look into our products for certifications, sustainability, and quality of ingredients. As well, we support local and small businesses and farms. These practices may not lower our prices but they definitely are saying that we care about your well-being and the viability of our community. 


isit our Mariposa Market Coffee Bar and Deli where you can enjoy a variety of treats to make your day happier & healthier. 

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