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Mariposa Market
500 South Main Street
Willits, CA 95490

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8 AM to 7 PM

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8 AM to 5 PM

9 AM to 4 PM
Saturday & Sunday



By Mary Anne

Who could have known that the little fruit stand called Mariposa Produce would one day morph into the full-service market we have today? A lot of stories go into the development of this organic and natural foods store which we call Mariposa Market. In our initial years, we combed the county (and some adjacent counties) for fruits and vegetables which we could sell at a reasonable price. We developed friendships with older Mendocino County farmers who had tilled the land for many years and were all too willing to find a retail outlet for their fabulous produce. In those days, we had corn, squashes, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, delicious sun-ripe melons and watermelons, as well as pears and apples, mostly all from Potter Valley, which had a number of truck farms. These agriculturists did not use pesticides or commercial fertilizers, but they were not certified as they would be today. We often went directly to their farms where we helped to pick and box the produce. Our beginnings were humble, and we only added on as we made a little money. Gradually, by customer demand, we brought in dairy products, bulk foods, and various grocery items. We built a walk-in refrigerator and procured a real cash register (as opposed to a calculator and muffin tin), and a commercial heater instead of a barrel wood stove. In time we brought in an assortment of health and beauty items and an ice cream freezer. In 1996 we moved across the street to 600 South Main. This building seemed so big to us that we wondered how we would ever fill it up. But, by 2008, we were bursting at the seams with lines of customers the length of the store. As fate would have it, the property next door to us came up for sale at a tax auction and we were able to snatch it up with the help of some partners. By consensus, we agreed to build a brand-new store, incorporating all our expertise and desires into this new enterprise. Thus, was born the current Mariposa Market. Today, we have established a reputation for good, healthy food, and a friendly customer service staff. We’ve entered the modern world of technology and learned how to market our business. Our deli creates the most delicious soups, sandwiches, salads, entrees, café drinks, juices, and smoothies, all made with mostly organic ingredients. People from all over the county come here to eat, shop, and meet. Our store is dedicated to supporting our natural environment with stringent recycling and compostable containers and utensils. We also offer a cash discount for anyone who brings their own bags. We support our local farmers and give financially to causes in Willits especially those that relate to children, animals, and the sick. Mariposa will be celebrating out 40th anniversary on August 24th. We will have live music, food sampling from our kitchen and venders, face painting, the Wheel of Fortune, lots of demos, an ice cream (gelato and ices) truck, children’s activities, and several raffles. All customers can enter the raffle for 40% off their purchases. Please come the last Saturday in August and help us celebrate.


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