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By  Mary Anne Trevey

     Come August 25th, Mariposa Market will be celebrating our 39th anniversary. It’s hard to believe we’ve been in business for nearly 40 years. It seems forever ago that we started this business as a fruit stand next door to the old feed store across the street. As young enthusiastic “back to the landers” my husband, my brother, and I scoured Mendocino and Lake counties for produce that farmers wanted to give or sell to us. We sought out apples from backyards, walnuts from Lake county, pears, peaches, and grapes. Eventually we met some older farmers from Potter Valley who were excited to find a local market for their outstanding summer fruits and vegetables, including amazingly sweet corn and sumptuous sun-ripened melons. Our store received its initial following from the harvests that came our way from those Potter Valley farmers. Times changed, we got a little more business-minded, the old farmers passed on, and we picked up the slack by buying from a newly formed trucking business which specialized in organic produce. Gradually, we placed our emphasis on organics, not only because it was better for us, but also because it was better for the earth.                      

     Gradually, our customers wanted more from us. They requested bulk foods, and then milk and cheese, then grocery items, and finally, health and beauty aides. By this time we really needed a bigger store. The opportunity came when 600 South Main became available. It seemed we would never grow out of that place. We now had air-conditioning, gas heat, plenty of storage room, office space, and a kitchen. Our creative juices ran rampant, but within ten years we were already outgrowing our boundaries. Fortunately, the place next door came up for auction. We purchased the land and then decided what Willits really needed was a full-on natural foods market. It was a scary undertaking and a huge investment but we moved forward with plans to build our dream store. Within a year it was finished and excitement ran high. Now we really had it all--fresh meat, a large produce department, walls of coolers and freezers, and a wonderful deli, that just keeps getting better and better. And best of all, we had a plethora of customers who were really devoted to supporting Mariposa Market. Together, we have been able to withstand the challenges of time, and are keeping this market alive and full of healthy food.

     Please everyone, especially all of you who have made the market what it is today, come join us in celebrating our 39th anniversary at the end of August. It is our chance to say thank you for shopping local an d supporting our Mendocino County food farmers. Bring your friends and families for a day of local food, demos, raffles, music, activities, and social interchange. We’ll see you there!


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