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BY Mary Anne Trevey

Healthy aging. This sounds like an oxymoron, for example, working vacation” or “instant classic. How can the indignities of growing older, such as sagging skin, gray hair, weight gain, and increasing frailty be considered anything but healthy? The truth is that as the body ages the available nutrients, which gradually become in shorter supply, are distributed to the most essential metabolic functions. Meanwhile, processes for long term health become short-changed, and eventually lead to the diseases of aging. The market for anti-aging supplements is exceptionally robust as baby boomers reach for panaceas which promise a healthier life.

Some of the most popular defenses include a healthy lifestyle, nutritional supplementation for deficiencies, and CBD and other phytocannabinoids. Interestingly, every system of the human body has cannabinoid receptors which give CBD almost limitless potential benefits. CBDs affect many failing systems including reducing stress, anxiety, inflammation, sleep disorders, and seizures, while providing antioxidants to ward off diseases. It is also beneficial for unwinding after a long hard day without the side effects of alcohol or other drugs.

Physical deterioration and frailty are top concerns for the aging population. Every 15 seconds a senior is admitted to the emergency room for a fall, making it a leading cause for injury or death among the elderly. Collagen may help ward off this problem. Ancestrally, we got a lot of collagen in our diets by eating bone marrow and the connective tissue of animals. Now we hardly ever ingest collagen unless we are big bone broth enthusiasts or we take it as a supplement. Here at Mariposa Market our best-selling collagen is Great Lakes Collagen, a pasture raised and grass-fed gelatin from bovine hides. It is a hydrolysate, which means it mixes well with water, is easy to ingest, and noticeably tasteless in water, coffee, tea, or juice.

Another nutrient which may help reverse or slow down the aging process is Reservatol. Found in red wine, this powerful antioxidant is also available in supplemental form for those who may not want to drink themselves into youthfulness (though it might be fun). It has been found to “reserve” age by increasing the ability to age gracefully and naturally.

Diminishing cognitive function is another worry associated with aging. Interestingly, millennials also suffer from cognitive decline. A 2013 survey found that millennials are actually more likely than seniors to forget where they put their keys or cellphones. They also forget to bathe or bring a lunch. It behooves folks to start early in life adding mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids (think olive oil, for example) frequently into their diets, which are positively associated with improved cognitive function. Other nutrients which benefit brain health can include curcumin, magnesium, and zinc.

All these nutrients show a positive effect to not only on live longer, but on living healthier. An exciting future for our aging population.


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