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December 2017



The Senior Discount has been discontinued as of the first of November. The reaction has been mixed. Some folks are grateful for the many years we were able to apply this discount, and others are understandingly disappointed or angry. It’s always hard to take something away, especially something that has been as popular as this. I had quite a few unhappy moments about the discontinuation of the Senior Discount. But, ultimately, the real purpose of my existence here at Mariposa Market is to make sure that the store stays solvent, which has become more challenging in the past few years. Across the United States “brick and mortar” stores have been struggling and we are not exempt. You can look around Willits and can’t help but notice the many empty retail buildings. The increasing use of the internet for shopping, the changing face of the cannabis trade, the fact that many Big Box stores now carry organic products, and the by-pass which had a profound effect on our summer traffic have all contributed to our decision. Plus the cost of doing business is increasing every year, making it difficult for us to be competitive. It is more important to stay afloat than it is to give away money as we were doing with the Senior Discount. And we have tried to give something back by offering the Loyalty Card which is available to all our customers. We found that many young families needed a perk as much as many of our seniors. The Loyalty Card rewards everyone who spends money here and adds up to around a 5% rebate. Also the Loyalty Card allows you to gain points even from sale items which the Senior Discount did not allow. This is the same program as the one used by the Ukiah Co-op. It really disappointed me to have to discontinue the Senior Discount—it was always something that I was proud to offer. And I regret that we had to let some of our senior citizens down. We hope that you will understand. Someone recently complained to me that Mariposa had the highest prices in town. My answer to this is that the food we sell here is the “real deal”. We try to vet everything we sell for quality and freedom from contamination from pesticides and herbicides and GMO’s. Being small, we cannot buy in the huge volumes that bigger stores can do. But our commitment to local farmers and to the organic food industry remains unchanged. We take your health and the health of the planet seriously.





This month a new genetically modified food is scheduled to appear in supermarkets in the Mid-West. Known as the Artic Apple, this fruit has been developed by Intrexon, and its key feature is that it does not rot or bruise no matter how old it is. Intrexon is not labelling this apple as genetically modified as they admit that that would be like putting a skull and crossbones on the label. The apple is being test marketed in 400 stores but consumers will never know that it is genetically modified. Besides this breach of trust, the apple is also considered risky. Many scientists worry that is will have unintended negative consequences-for our health and the environment. In time, you will no doubt see the Artic Apple in California as well. The Organic Consumers Association is asking that consumers ask if the apple is available and then voice their unhappiness with this decision. Organic Consumers will provide you with a instruction kit on how to identify the apple and what to say to the store manager. Please be on the lookout for this travesty and consult with Organic Consumers Assoc. phone ( 218) 226- 4164.



By Josie Hunter

Late in September of this year two women from our Chill Department went all the way to Sanger, California (near Fresno) to visit Mary’s Chicken Farm. These employees were very impressed with the operation, owned and managed by the Pittman family, whose main goal is to provide the highest quality poultry and provide jobs for Californians. Mary’s Chicken Farms are 100% California-based from egg to finished product. They are the only farm to use CO2 euthanasia which is safe and humane, as opposed to electrocution, which is commonly practiced in other operations. They are working on making their birds completely salmonella free; currently, they are at 80% which is phenomenal number compared to most poultry houses. All birds are immediately air-chilled after slaughter. This process preserves the chickens’ natural flavor and eliminates the use of adding water for weight and chlorine for sanitation. Besides chickens, Mary’s raises our turkeys, as well as ducks and geese. Thanksgiving turkeys are ordered in February so that we are assured of getting exactly what we want.

Mary’s processes 130,000 chickens per day, which is 1/100th of the production of Tyson Farms and 1/20th of Foster Farms. Smaller production results in better management and cleaner conditions. They offer 100% organic birds as well as a GMO-Free option. The difference is in the feed. Organic birds are fed all-organic meals (also GMO free of course), while GMO-free birds are given diets which do not contain genetically modified grains. Additional vitamins and minerals are added to the GMO-free diet resulting in slightly larger birds. Mary’s birds are always antibiotic free. They are considered free- range poultry, because after a month or so, young birds are allowed out every day and can come and go at will. Branches and foliage are hung from the ceilings of the barn to give the young birds access to play and fresh greens. Outdoor spaces are set up to provide shelter from hawks and other predators. Visitors to the farms (there are 30 in the Fresno area) must wear protective clothing and booties to eliminate possible contamination from the outside.

Josie and Krista were very impressed with Mary’s operation. They reported that the processing plant was extremely clean and well-managed. And, the proof is in the taste. Mary’s commitment to high quality poultry should be an example to the rest of the industry and a reminder that food can be produced in an ethical way that honors the environment and the health of the community.



December is known for many exciting things, not the least of which is our citrus crop. Just in time for the holidays the California farmers start bringing in some of the best oranges and their relatives. Starting with Satsuma Mandarins and Navel Oranges in November, the citrus melee comes on strong with grapefruit, lemons, tangerines, tangelos, and Meyer lemons following close behind. Pomegranates and persimmons also add color and flavor to your holiday menus. Eggplant will be coming from Southern California and cold weather greens are delicious and reasonably priced. We still have wonderful Sugar Pie pumpkins and winter squash, as well as a full contingency of sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and cranberries. Be sure to bring these, the healthiest of foods, to you holiday table.

Don’t Forget to Order Your Turkey, Game Hen, Duck, or Goose for Christmas!

You will find the signup sheets on the long table in the Deli for the various types and sizes of Turkey, Petite Turkey, Turkey Breast, Cornish Game Hen, Whole Duck, Smoked Duck Breast, and Whole Geese.

We will have:

Mary’s Non GMO Whole Turkey for $3.59/LB

Mary’s Organic Whole Turkey for $4.89/LB

Mary’s Non GMO Turkey Breast for $5.99/LB

Diestel Non GMO Petite Whole Turkey for $4.39/LB

Diestel Organic Petite Whole Turkey for $5.29/LB



Special Equipment:

Stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, or electric mixer with large bowl

2 large (13" x 18") rimmed baking sheets, lined with parchment or wax paper

Wooden toothpicks


For the centers:

1/4 cup (60 g) cream cheese, at room temperature


1 1/2 cups (275 g) creamy commercial peanut butter, the emulsified, no-oil-on-the-top kind


10 tablespoons (1 1/4 sticks/150 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature


2 teaspoons (10 g) fine sea salt


1 cup (85 g) almond or peanut flour (see Note)


3 cups (400 g) confectioners' sugar, sifted

For dipping and garnish:

About 1-1/2 to 2 cups (26 ounces/740 g) chopped dark chocolate, or 1 to 1-1/2-cups (19 ounces/540 g) chopped dark chocolate


1/2 cup (4 ounces/110 g) mild vegetable oil


Coarse sea salt (optional)


1. Make the centers: Combine all the ingredients in the mixer bowl and beat on medium-high speed until completely incorporated and creamy-looking. Cover and refrigerate the peanut butter mixture until it has firmed up a little (it should be pliable but hold its shape), about 30 minutes.

2. Scoop up a tablespoon of the mixture, roll it into a ball with your hands, and place it on one of the prepared baking sheets; repeat with the remaining mixture. Once all the mixture has been formed, place the balls in the refrigerator until firm, about 30 minutes. (Any leftover peanut butter mixture can be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and stored in the fridge for up to a week.)

3. Prepare the dipping chocolate: Temper the 4 cups dark chocolate or melt it. Place the coating of your choice in a large bowl.

4. Dip the buckeyes: Stick a toothpick into a peanut butter ball and dip it in the chocolate, but don't submerge it—leave the top quarter undipped. This spot is what makes a buckeye a Buckeye! Transfer the buckeye to the second prepared baking sheet. Pull out the toothpick, twisting it gently, and either use your thumb to carefully smooth out the hole left behind or cover it with a few grains of coarse sea salt. Repeat with the remaining buckeyes

5. Allow the buckeyes to set up until the chocolate is firm, 15 to 20 minutes. Store the buckeyes, layered with wax paper, in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks.

So You Don’t Like Plastic?

Well neither do we! Here at Mariposa Deli we are just as concerned as you are about what types of take-out containers we are offering our customers. I’d like to take a moment to tell you about the wonderful products we have found that slip so easily into the place of plastic that you can’t even tell the difference. Let’s start with the cup your personalized organic smoothie comes in; “World Centric® compostable cold cups are made from NatureWorks Ingeo™, which is derived from plants grown in the USA. Even though they are as light and strong as plastic, they fully biodegrade when composted.” * That’s great! Right? Well, what’s Ingeo? “Ingeo™: a bio-based plastic derived from renewable corn in the U.S. Chemically, this material is known as PLA, or Poly Lactic Acid, which can be derived from a variety of plant-based starches.”** “World Centric® cups are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute and meet ASTM standards for compostability. Our Ingeo™ products are guaranteed to break down in 2-3 months in industrial facilities.”** Our juice straws are also from World Centric and are made from the same great PLA material. And for those of you who enjoy a nice hot cup of local organic coffee or our delightful rotating menu of homemade soups, don’t fret we’ve got you covered. World Centric hot drink cups and soup bowls are made with a NatureWorks Ingeo™ lining that keeps them leak proof, while also keeping them compostable; unlike most other hot cups which are lined with polyethylene which makes them difficult to compost and are not recyclable. Last but not least our World Centric Compostable cutlery which are made from 70% non-GMO PLA and 30% talc. So you will never again have to feel guilty about taking a piece of our delicious house made GF carrot cake home to your loved ones in one of our beautiful clear PLA clamshell boxes with one of our disposable compostable forks.

* http://worldcentric.org/biocompostables/cups/pla-cold-cups

** http://worldcentric.org/about-compostables/materials/plastics


Holiday Gift Offerings

by Nan

Holy Moley! It’s the holiday season again and the gift department staff is here to serve you with your gift buying needs. We have a great selection of quality products to choose from including many Fair Trade and Ecologically Manufactured Items. This year our Candle Selections will feature some old favorites, and a few new lines, including economically priced offerings from Vance Kitira and Aroma Spirituals, as well as our tried and true, deliciously scented, Pattywax Candles. Marlana River, a local ceramic artist, is also featured this time of year with exquisite one of kind Pottery Mugs & Bowls. You will find these alongside a large selection of fairly priced Dinnerware to enhance your holiday table, or to give as gifts. We have a delectable choice of Wearables including Sox, Leggings, Hand-Made Woolens from Bolivia, and Recycled Upscaled Hats & Gloves from Gypsy and Lolo, a company based in Arcata Ca. Come peruse our carefully chosen Holiday Greeting Cards and Calendars for the New Year. There is also a nice selection of moderately priced Jewelry to choose from.

Please stop by

Saturday Dec.23rd & Sunday Dec.24th

to take advantage of our Christmas sale.

All Gift Items will be 25% off!


Our Christmas Hours

December 24th- We will be open from 9 am until 5 pm on Christmas Eve

December 25th -We will be closed on Christmas Day

December 26th- We will be open our regular hours from 8 am to 7 pm


December Sales Run From

November 25th


December 29th


Prices and availability are subject to change




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